Thursday, December 15, 2016


This recipe is currently one of the favorites of my hubby and kiddo! It combines 2 ingredients which are quite popular with my family !

Voila !! Both are happy souls J

Picture this scene….. Its breakfast time on a cold winter's morning. So hubby requests Idli-Sambhar for breakfast. My kiddo, being the hardcore non-vegetarian of the family, requests for Sorpotel-Pav (Goan Sorpotel with Bread) for breakfast!

So, we decide to combine the two.

Note: You can make the stuffed idlis with any meat of your choice. You just have to ensure that it is a thick gravy, else the idlis will get soggy and will not taste good.


Idli Batter
Butter (for greasing)
Salt to taste


Keep your Sorpotel and Idli Batter ready.

Goan Sorpotel

Grease the Idli tray with butter to avoid the idlis sticking  to the tray.

Pour half a spoonful of the Idli batter into the greased Idli Moulds.

Put a spoonful of Sorpotel in the centre and then pour another half spoonful into the mould.

Do not fill the mould all the way through since the Idlis will rise while steaming.

 Steam the idlis for 15 to 20 minutes or till they are cooked.

Serve hot with sambhar and  coconut chutney.