Tuesday, December 13, 2016


The thing about Chocolate is that it appeals to all ages and one can never have enough of it !

Today, my 6 year old was totally in the mood of helping me in the kitchen for my Christmas goodies preparations. So, I decided to treat him to homemade Chocolate Fudge.

This recipe requires just 2 ingredients which are easily available in any household with kids and specially with Kids who have a sweet tooth ! The best part about this recipe is that the kids can do it almost 90% by themselves with a bit of our supervision and guidance.

So, let’s get making a delicious mouth-watering Chocolate Fudge!


1 can Condensed Milk (200 ml)
2 cups Chocolate Chips


Prep your ingredients.

In a microwave safe bowl, empty the contents of the condensed milk and add the chocolate chips.

Microwave on HIGH heat for 1 minute. Remove and mix well.

Now, put it back for 30 seconds on HIGH heat. Remove and mix well. 
Repeat this process till the chocolate chips are completely melted and incorporated with the condensed milk. Remember to remove the bowl every 30 seconds and mix. 

You should have a thick mixture by the end of around 2 minutes.

Transfer these contents onto a tray lined with aluminum foil. Remember to grease the aluminum foil with butter/ghee prior to pouring the mixture into it.

Keep the tray in the refrigerator to set completely. I kept it overnight for around 6-8 hours.

Remove, cut into squares and serve.

My son has decorated the Chocolate Fudge with jujubes in a traffic light sequence! But feel free to use whatever decoration you want that appeals to the important young members’ of the household J