Thursday, December 1, 2016



CHRISTMAS ……. Ahhh!! T’is the season to be jolly!
When we are surrounded by such lovely Christmas goodies, how can one NOT be jolly !!

Christmas holds very fond memories of my childhood. Growing up in a Parsi household, I was blessed to have very good and sweet Catholic neighbours,who,without fail, used to send Christmas sweets and delicacies to us.  As a kid, I recall making a grab for the Marzipans, perad (guava cheese), doce, baath cake (semolina and coconut cake) and of course the KULKULS !! They are, by far ,my favorite treat in the entire Christmas platter.

Kulkuls are small bites of sweet goodness made during Christmas.

They can be made into different shapes as per ones choice. Eggs are normally added to the recipe, but, on the behest of a few of my vegetarian friends, I have made this recipe Eggless.

Today, I have made Kulkuls into the Kalyo ( Flower Bud) shape since that is the most favorite shape of my 6 year old.  TO MAKE AND TO EAT !

2 cups Maida (Refined flour)
1 cup powdered sugar (or to taste)
1 tsp Vanilla essence
3 tbsp ghee
100 ml coconut milk (for kneading)
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

Lets start by kneading the dough.

Combine the flour, sugar, salt and vanilla essence in a vessel. Slightly melt the ghee and add it the mixture.

Coconut Milk
Now knead the dough by adding the coconut milk (a little at a time) till the dough is soft and pliable.

Cover the dough with a damp cloth and keep aside for 15 minutes.
Once the dough is rested, we need to start preparing the Kulkuls.
Divide the dough into large balls of equal size.

Roll them out into a chapati. Using a cutter, cut the rolled out dough into small squares.

Now, take the opposite edges and twist to form a bud-like shape. Make sure to twist it well, else it will open up while frying.

Keep the prepped kulkuls aside to fry later.
Repeat the above process for the remaining dough.

Heat oil in a frying pan/ kadai. Keep the oil on medium heat, otherwise the kulkuls will become dark brown from the outside, but remain uncooked/ undercooked on the inside.

Fry the kulkuls in small batches, without crowding them into the frying pan.

Once they are light brown, remove them from the oil and keep aside on an absorbent paper/cloth.
These kulkuls will continue to brown slightly even after they are removed from the oil.

Once all the kulkuls are fried, let them cool down before storing them in an air-tight container.

These kulkuls can be stored at room temperature to upto a month in an air-tight container.

Serve them on Christmas day and enjoy this heavenly delight !